It is imperative in today's quick-to-market environment that molds arrive at the customer ready to make
good parts.  This is why we test practically all of your new and reconditioned molds prior to shipment. 
In 2001 we expanded our facility and added a 2,600 sq. ft. mold testing room and in 2005, we
expanded the room to 3,600 sq ft.  The room is equipped with portable dividers to ensure confidentiality
if multiple customers are visiting or testing concurrently.

We currently utilize a number of presses, three of which are Wabash hydraulic presses sized at
30-ton, 75-ton, and 500-ton. Our 500-ton press has a full vacuum chamber and can accommodate molds
up to 30” x 30”.

100-ton horizontal Engel injection machine to further our automated process capabilities. The machine is equipped to run with a stuffer box or strip feed. The ability to test a wide range of mold sizes is possible due to the machine’s Tiebarless design. Automated brushing and knockout allow closer simulation of your automated or semi-automated production environment. This machine has the capability of running a pneumatic valve-gated cold deck as well.

55-ton horizontal Arburg machine - This machine is used for Liquid Injection Molding. It can also be converted to run plastic when necessary and allows us to test small to medium size molds. We also can utilize this press for our quick prototype system. With this resource we can provide
sample LSR parts in about 14-19 business days.

110-ton horizontal Engel E-Motion machine - This unit is a full electric machine. It also utilizes Engel's patented Tiebarless design. This machine allows us to test medium to large Liquid Silicone molds.

Arburg 55-ton machine with swivel technology - This technology allows the machine to run both horizontal and vertical applications. This works great for overmolding processes.

A 30-ton Engel E-Victory and an Arburg 570 200-ton press. Most of the above-mentioned presses can be equipped with multiple stages of automation to enhance the profitability of the process.

We have also developed relationships with several press manufacturers and they are comfortable with placing presses in our facility to allow use of them for customer trials and internal development. These presses usually range from 55 - 200 tons.